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We are an Indian content and IP creation studio focusing in content creation and partnering with various platform, brands to make the content available to the audiences globally through as many channels, platforms and devices as possible.
Things We Do
We develop concepts that make the difference.
We are a thinking company with a lot of original concepts, non-fictions, music, factual programs in genre of history, food and various other concepts backed with in-depth research and scripting. We develop, create formats and productions and are a one-stop shop where things take shape right from idea to concept to research to script and to production.
Creating and curating live event experiences in the genres of music, fashion, art, entertainment and lifestyle. Catering to experiences curated for audiences across demographics.
Kaustubha Mediaworks (KSB Media) - Imagination, Magic and Storytelling - was founded in 2014 with the desire to connect with the audience through emotionally compelling stories that move people to action. For over a number of years, KSB has worked in 200+ clients, 25+ directors  and many others creating disruptive content and campaigns.
Production house with a focus on fictions, non-fictions, documentaries, sitcoms, web-series and feature films, Kaustubha Mediaworks has set itself apart with imaginative and magical storytelling.
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